About the author

Adam Foxx

Hey there—and welcome to the secret, sexy world of Adam Foxx.<br><br>I'm an erotic artist, multi-genre indie author, and erotic filmmaker--though if you met me on the street, you'd probably know me as a professor, lover of coffee/books/blunts (though not always in that order), a Romantic, a part-time mystic, and full-time INFJ.<br><br>I write sophisticated, sexy novels across a variety of genres--from thrillers to vacation romances to sci-fi and paranormal romances.&nbsp;<br><br>But no matter the genre, all of my books feature independent women, nuanced alpha males with depth, and plenty of steamy, emotionally arousing sex to keep you turning the pages, hungry for more :)<br><br>Follow me here on Books2Read (just click "+Follow"!) to find out about updates on new releases and much more!<br><br>xoxo,<br><br>Adam Foxx