About the author

Alex Shishin

<p>Alex Shishin has published fiction, non-fiction and photography in Japan, North America, and Europe in print and online. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Shishin is a permanent resident of Japan.<br /> <br /> Shishin is the author &ldquo;Nippon 2357:A Utopian Ecological Tale,&rdquo; and five other ebooks published exclusively by Smashwords and available for free. He is co-author with Stephan F. Politzer of &ldquo;Four Parallel Lives of Eight Notable Individuals,&rdquo; also published by Smashwords.<br /> <br /> Shishin&#39;s short story &quot;Mr. Eggplant Goes Home,&quot; first published in &ldquo;Prairie Schooner&rdquo; received an O. Henry Award Honorable Mention and was anthologized in &ldquo;Student Body: Stories About Students and Professors&rdquo; (University of Wisconsin Press). His short story &quot;Shades,&quot; originally published in &ldquo;Sunday Afternoon&rdquo; (Kobe) was anthologized in The Broken Bridge: Fiction from Expatriates in Literary Japan (Stone Bridge Press) and reprinted by invitation in &ldquo;The East&rdquo; (Tokyo).&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Shishin&rsquo;s book &ldquo;Rossiya: Voices from the Brezhnev Era&rdquo; (a Russian-American memoir of a train odyssey through the Soviet Union and Poland) was published by iUniverse. It is available as a print-on-demand book and an ebook.<br /> <br /> Shishin has also published a collection of photographs entitled &ldquo;Ordinary Strangeness&rdquo; with Viovio in conjunction with his joint exhibition at the Twenty-first Century Museum of Art, Kanazawa, Japan. It is available from the publisher online.<br /> <br /> Alex Shishin holds degrees in English from the University of California, Berkeley (BA, Phi Beta Kappa) the University of Massachusetts, Amherst (MFA) and the Union Institute and University (PhD).</p>