About the author

Russ Colchamiro

<p>Russ Colchamiro is the author of the rollicking space adventure, <em>Crossline</em>, the zany SF/F backpacking comedy series <em>Finders Keepers</em>, <em>Genius de Milo</em>, and <em>Astropalooza</em>, and is editor of the new SF anthology <em>Love, Murder &amp; Mayhem</em>, all with <em>Crazy 8 Press</em>.</p> <p>Russ lives in New Jersey with his wife, two children, and crazy dog, Simon, who may in fact be an alien himself.</p> <p>Russ has also contributed to several other anthologies, including <em>Tales of the Crimson Keep</em>, <em>Pangaea</em>, <em>Altered States of the Union</em>, <em>Camelot 13,</em> <em>TV Gods 2, They Keep Killing Glenn, </em>and <em>Brave New Girls</em>.</p> <p>He is now working on three collaborative novella projects and first full-length novel featuring his hardboiled private eye Angela Hardwicke.</p> <p>Russ is repped by The Zack Compnay.</p> <p>For more on Russ, visit <u>www.russcolchamiro.com</u>, follow him on Twitter and Instagram @AuthorDudeRuss, and &lsquo;like&rsquo; his Facebook author page <u>www.facebook.com/RussColchamiroAuthor</u>. Russ encourages you to email him at <u>authorduderuss@gmail.com</u></p>