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Chriselda Barretto

Chriselda, a multi-genre, prolific author and speaker, with a background in Business Administration and Chemistry/Microbiology lives in Belgium. She also hosts the Podcast –&nbsp;The 3 Pillars&nbsp;and is the creator of&nbsp;ChriseldaB Digital Art,&nbsp;HandMade By ChriseldaB,&nbsp;&nbsp;ART-IS-IN,&nbsp;The Dig&nbsp;and her blog ‘chriselda.blog’<br><br>​​​​​​​Having traveled the world extensively, as an Inflight Safety Training Instructor, she has worked in the Aviation industry for nearly two decades.<br>&nbsp;<br>Always with a touch of artistic creativity along with being an ex-professional modern jazz dancer, she loves music and is passionate about writing! She speaks 5 languages &amp; writes poetry, stories and quotes. She has published more than 50 books, from which over 15 belong to her 'Colouring Books For Adults' Series!<br>&nbsp;<br>Her writing covers fiction and non-fiction, with the likes of poetry, horror, thriller, romance, supernatural, children’s illustration, but she enjoys telling a story in narrative poetry the most!<br>&nbsp;<br>Currently she has a lot of things going on; launching her clothing line &amp; her healing jewelry collection - 'Hand Made by Chriselda B', airing her podcast, interviewing artists, producing her tutorial series, creating more colouring books, not only for adults but also for children and she is working on her Self-help/Image-Building Book, that she had first started on her blog: ‘chriselda.blog’<br>&nbsp;<br>Being a qualified Life Coach and Motivational Speaker, she also practices NLP and Mindfulness. Aiming to share her knowledge and experience, she is a speaker on many topics ranging from Creative Writing, Personal Development, Aerotoxic Syndrome to Aviation Safety and Self-Publishing. She is a certified Holistic Counsellor &amp; a Reiki &amp; Aura and Chakra Healer.<br><br>Some Of Her Book Reviews<br>​​​​​​​<br>The Creep ****Scary Collection! By V.E. on October 11, 2018<br>The Creep: A first of its kind narrative poetry in the thriller genre by Chriselda Barretto is such a unique book, it's kind of hard to pin it down to just one thing. A collection of poems that highlight the most evil things and happenings, the author writes in an almost wistful way, capturing some of Edgar Allen Poe's essence, in that the poems are grisly while getting under your skin in a subtle way. There seems to be a running theme of horrible things happening to ordinary people, from The Secret Amulet to Deepak, the Full Moon and more. The Creep is a presence that pervades people's lives, takes over and exerts an extreme evil influence. This is an interesting take on putting together a collection of poetry, highly unique and innovative. You will enjoy this evil and creepy collection of scary poetry. Looking forward to more from this author. Highly recommend.<br><br><br>The Creep *****A Completely Unique Take on Thriller Fiction By Gemma on October 26, 2018<br>Fans of the thriller genre of fiction, looking for something different, should definitely check out 'Creep' by Chriselda Barretto. It is a complete story, but told in narrative poetry, which gives an ethereal feel and almost a sinister rhythm, which was really enthralling and will draw you into its darkness. The poems read like chapters that tell the unsettling, disturbing, and sometimes grisly tales or people affected by 'The Creep', a malevolent force that invades the lives of its unsuspecting victims, brining with it evil and malice. This is poetry that will keep you up at night, keep your doors locked, and sleep with the light on. 'The Creep' may just have an impact of your lives after reading this unique piece of thriller fiction.<br><br><br>Dreams &amp; Dew ****This read was an enjoyable, learning experience for me! By Palfrend on November 9, 2018<br>This is the third Chriselda Barretto book that I have finished in less than a week and I am pleased to tell you that it was an enjoyable, learning experience for me with its poems and their storylines and all. I truly found this book entertaining and suitable for my reading tastes I am so happy to recommend it to you to go ahead and order it for your Kindle collection right now. The poems here are multi-themed, with elements ranging from romance to thriller to inspirational. In all honesty, I have found a poetry book (here) that mirrors my own books that I have written and published. Just to give a preview of what I liked from this book, here are a few quotes or lines that I am sure will help you make your ultimate decision on buying it for yourself or your loved one for this upcoming gift-giving holiday season this year!<br><br>“Raindrops falling from eyes/ teardrops falling from the skies/…Pain to bring joy/ Happiness to lead to suffering…” I found the subjects in these lines to be opposite of each other, yet they are so true which shows Barretto’s amazing wisdom and insight.<br><br>“Under the bright moonlight/ cometh she out her mound/ skin glistening like/ little shimmering diamonds/ yearning for love and affection/ always facing rejection…” This has dual meanings for me. There is the mermaid from Andersen’s fairy tale and then there is the man/woman who faces rejection when they just want love and affection therefore it is forbidden love…<br><br>Other poems and prose in this fascinating and magical book of Barretto’s are obviously influenced by her ethnic heritage’s Hinduism where she mentions names of deities of that religion throughout the book and it’s all so beautiful to my reading tastes. (I like it when someone has vast knowledge of his or her multicultural background.)<br><br>There are also poems that tell stories of romance and love that I am happy to inform you to have inspired me in my own plans for my third poetry collection. I tell you if there is a poet out there that has a fresh voice and point of view right now for me it would be Barretto here. I love how she manipulates the structure of her poetic lines to make them rhyme with each other, that to me, is talent and yes, Barretto has incredible talent. Her English vocabulary level is vast and she knows a lot to give her poems here that professionalism that great poets and writers possess.<br><br>I really enjoyed this third book of hers and I wholeheartedly urge you to give her a chance, order a copy of this beauty for yourself to experience her gift for yourself. I recommend this book to all those who love skillful poetry and prose, because you will be amazed by her unique and fresh voice. One final note: I truly enjoyed this work of hers from the other two I previously reviewed because this is art at its best and it has inspired me to write poems that will follow her technique. Good stuff, way to go Barretto!<br><br>​​​​​​​<br>She Said! ****Great Collection of Inspiring Quotes! By Valery on October 11, 2018<br>She Said!: The Book of Quotes by Chriselda Barretto is a vast collection of inspirational quotes written by the author. Conveyed in an abstract and whimsical format, these quotes may be just what you need to get your day started. Barretto has lived thus far an interesting life, working for the past couple decades as an In flight Training Instructor, and also being a professional jazz dancer. Her passion for writing and being creative however, shines in this collection of uplifting quotes. As she says, Complacency is a dangerous trait; you will find no complacency here, just imaginative and fun quotes that you can read again and again to reinvigorate yourself and inspire yourself to be your best self from one day to the next. A fun collection from a very interesting and enthusiastic author. Highly recommend, and look forward to more from Barretto.