About the author

Chriselda Barretto

Chriselda was born in Bombay, India bringing in the New Year, on 2nd January. <br>She moved to Belgium in 1996 where she currently resides with her family. <br> She has mixed roots, namely Anglo-Indian and Goan-Portuguese influenced. <br> Having travelled the world extensively, as an Inflight Safety Training Instructor, she has worked in the Aviation industry for over two decades. <br> Always with a touch of artistic creativity along with being a professional modern jazz dancer, she also loves music and is passionate about writing! <br> She loves writing poetry, stories and quotes. Her aim is to bring poetry back to its glory and has published her first narrative poetry story series 'The Creep', in a thriller genre! <br>Other fiction genres she is currently working on are romance, fantasy and she promises to surprise with a few more. So stay tuned! <br> She is presently writing more poems and a follow up to The Creep series, and has some more titles that she has already begun work on. <br> Other books written by her include 'She Said!', ‘Coffee &amp; Bagels’, 'Dreams &amp; Dew' and ‘Accursed Forest’.<br> <br> Some Of Her Book Reviews<br>​​​​​​​ <br> The Creep ****Scary Collection! By V.E. on October 11, 2018 <br> The Creep: A first of its kind narrative poetry in the thriller genre by Chriselda Barretto is such a unique book, it's kind of hard to pin it down to just one thing. A collection of poems that highlight the most evil things and happenings, the author writes in an almost wistful way, capturing some of Edgar Allen Poe's essence, in that the poems are grisly while getting under your skin in a subtle way. There seems to be a running theme of horrible things happening to ordinary people, from The Secret Amulet to Deepak, the Full Moon and more. The Creep is a presence that pervades people's lives, takes over and exerts an extreme evil influence. This is an interesting take on putting together a collection of poetry, highly unique and innovative. You will enjoy this evil and creepy collection of scary poetry. Looking forward to more from this author. Highly recommend. <br> <br> The Creep *****A Completely Unique Take on Thriller Fiction By Gemma on October 26, 2018 <br> Fans of the thriller genre of fiction, looking for something different, should definitely check out 'Creep' by Chriselda Barretto. It is a complete story, but told in narrative poetry, which gives an ethereal feel and almost a sinister rhythm, which was really enthralling and will draw you into its darkness. The poems read like chapters that tell the unsettling, disturbing, and sometimes grisly tales or people affected by 'The Creep', a malevolent force that invades the lives of its unsuspecting victims, brining with it evil and malice. This is poetry that will keep you up at night, keep your doors locked, and sleep with the light on. 'The Creep' may just have an impact of your lives after reading this unique piece of thriller fiction. <br> <br> Dreams &amp; Dew ****Creative Poetry from a passionate author! By Grymm on October 15, 2018 <br> This is the third piece I’ve read from Barretto. This is a poetry/prose book, broken down into sections (outlined in the Table of Contents...which, as an aside, was kind of hard to read due to the first letter of each title being a fancy font). The poems are good for a new, enthusiastic and emerging author. Most of the rhymes felt natural, the pacing is sound in the majority of the poems (and the others are likely the fault of my interpretation, not the author). At the end, she includes a bit from “The Creep” (which I’ve read and enjoyed). This really shows her word creativity (see the poem entitled “B i/e tterness for example”). Despite this being a book of poetry and prose, I found there to be very little prose (none, actually, unless you count the theory on resonance bit). Overall this collection is very creative and has some really good poems in here. The author is passionate, creative, and full of emotion and it's all proven as she bleeds ink on the page. <br> <br> She Said! ****Great Collection of Inspiring Quotes! By Valery on October 11, 2018 <br> She Said!: The Book of Quotes by Chriselda Barretto is a vast collection of inspirational quotes written by the author. Conveyed in an abstract and whimsical format, these quotes may be just what you need to get your day started. Barretto has lived thus far an interesting life, working for the past couple decades as an In flight Training Instructor, and also being a professional jazz dancer. Her passion for writing and being creative however, shines in this collection of uplifting quotes. As she says, Complacency is a dangerous trait; you will find no complacency here, just imaginative and fun quotes that you can read again and again to reinvigorate yourself and inspire yourself to be your best self from one day to the next. A fun collection from a very interesting and enthusiastic author. Highly recommend, and look forward to more from Barretto.<br>