About the author

Sandra Haven

<p>Sandra Haven is a Developmental Editor who has spent the last couple decades helping writers turn their dreams into reality, their stories into books, and their books into series. From self-published writers to authors with traditional publishing contracts with the Big Five publishers, her joy has been seeing others express themselves and succeed in sharing their words.</p> <p>As Senior Editor for&nbsp;the in-print magazine Writer&#39;s Intl. Forum, Sandra was instrumental in helping authors world-wide become more successful in their writing endeavors. The magazine was recognized in Writer&#39;s Digest&nbsp;as one of its&nbsp;Top 50 Fiction Markets for three consecutive years. Her article &quot;The Writer&#39;s Secret Weapon&quot; was featured in the&nbsp;&quot;Novel &amp; Short Story Writer&#39;s Market&quot; published by&nbsp;Writer&#39;s Digest, and she was profiled as a leading editor for inspiring young writers in&nbsp;their&nbsp;&quot;Market Guide for Young Writers.&quot;</p> <p>Her personal writing has been published in the United States and Europe--from short fiction to human interest articles, and from mainstream to genre, including humor, mystery, romance, satire and science fiction.</p> <p>Today she provides developmental editorial services for fiction and memoir writers from around the world as well as serving as a freelance editor for book publishers.</p> <p>The bottom line is that every day for years she has answered questions, made suggestions, and acted as a writing coach to writers. She now shares that expertise in how to write, how to publish, and how to touch readers in her &ldquo;Writer&rsquo;s Solutions Series&rdquo; books.&nbsp;</p> <p>Claim your free PDF &ldquo;Writing Master Keys&rdquo; and get an email whenever she releases a new title by going to https://haven4writers.com/keys (just copy and paste into your browser).</p>