About the author

Jan Wallace

<p>I was born in Sydney, and was brought up in working class Botany.&nbsp; I worked at the Bondi Lifesaver (The Swap) and relaxed at The Midnight Shift and Capriccios, Oxford St. Darlinghurst. I tried my hand at many different types of work ... you name it, I had a go.</p> <p>I mixed with crims and coppers, rock and roll legends and low life junkies ... also high life junkies.&nbsp; Hookers with hearts and queens with credit cards. In and out of marriage, fled at the suggestion of children and still managed to have a bloody good time.&nbsp; Travelled incessantly, drank far too much for a person in any position and rocked on.&nbsp; Same old, same old and all the while reading. And then I thought I had a book in me.</p> <p>I now live a much more respectable life in a small, quiet, unsuspecting country town in NSW.</p>