About the author

Nillu Nasser

<p>Nillu Nasser is a writer of literary fiction novels. She also blogs, writes short fiction and poetry.</p><p>Nillu&rsquo;s short story &ldquo;Painted Truths and Prayer Beads&rdquo; was published in May 2016 in&nbsp;<em>Mosaics 2: A Collection of Independent Women</em>. Another short story, &ldquo;The Tombstone Man and the Coming of the Tigress,&rdquo; was published in June 2016 in&nbsp;<em>UnCommon Origins</em>, an anthology of short fiction. In 2017, &ldquo;Tombstone Man&rdquo; is scheduled to reappear in&nbsp;<em>UnCommonly Good</em>.</p><p>Nillu has a BA in English and German Literature and an MA in European Politics. After graduating, she worked in national and regional politics, but eventually reverted to her first love.</p><p>She lives in London with her husband, three children, one angelic cat and one demonic cat, though she secretly yearns for a dog. If you fly into Gatwick and look hard enough, you will see her furiously scribbling in her garden office, where she is working on her next story.</p>