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vito zuppardo

<p>Encouraged by the feedback received from readers of his first book, based on true events of his years of dealing with high rollers in Las Vegas and by the interest displayed by the movie industry, Vito wrote an adaptation of his debut novel Alluring Lady Luck for the&nbsp;&nbsp;big screen. The novel was received well by critics and readers, and received inquiries from Hollywood.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> Vito Zuppardo is the author of 5 novels and started writing in 2010. He spent 25 years in the casino business operating high limit gaming customers to various casinos around the world.&nbsp;&nbsp;It&#39;s his life adventures that make his books fun to read, and characters stand out.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> Reviews state &#39;characters are very well defined&#39; and &#39;the story captured me on the first page and then it got better with every page I turned.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> Vito released the first novel Alluring Lady Luck in 2010&nbsp;Inspired by a true story by the man behind the most exclusive high-stakes gaming party jets to casino around the world.&nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;<br /> In 2011&nbsp;Tales of Lady Luck a well-received book dug deeper into characters on the exclusives VIP list.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> Vito, turned his attention to writing thrillers and the first novel True Blue Detective was a hit. Followed by Crescent City Detective, and a series called Voodoo Lucy, Tupelo Gypsy.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> Vito was born and raised in New Orleans and moved to Baton Rouge, after Hurricane Katrina. Life is truly what you make of it.</p>