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Arno Joubert

<p> Arno Joubert (1973 - ) was born in Cape Town, South Africa.</p> <p> He studied to become a doctor, but fainted after witnessing his first Cesarean. Unfortunately the trend continued whenever he saw blood or open wounds; so he decided to become a computer specialist instead (less gore).</p> <p> After climbing the corporate ladder, he started his own company, and has been an I.T. entrepreneur for the past 12 years. His company web site is available at www.omniholdings.co.za.</p> <p> Arno loves animals, traveling, scuba, overlanding and the great outdoors. To connect with Arno, please visit his &quot;hobby&quot; site at www.africaskyblue.com. Subscribe as a member to receive the latest updates on his books, or send him a mail at arno@africaskyblue.com.</p>