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Steve Vernon

<p> Steve Vernon is a storyteller. The man was born with a campfire burning at his feet. The word &quot;boring&quot; does not exist in this man&#39;s vocabulary - unless he&#39;s maybe talking about termites or ice augers.<br /> That&rsquo;s all that Steve Vernon will say about himself &ndash; on account of Steve Vernon abso-freaking HATES talking about himself in the third person.<br /> But I&rsquo;ll tell you what.<br /> If you LIKED the book that you just read drop me a Tweet on Twitter &ndash; @StephenVernon - and yes, old farts like me know how to twitter &ndash; and throw in a link to the Kobo version &ndash; and I&rsquo;d be truly grateful.<br /> Reviews are ALWAYS appreciated &ndash; but I know that not all of you folks are into writing big long funky old reviews &ndash; so shout the book out just any way that you can &ndash; because I can use ALL the help I can get.</p>