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Ty Nolan

<p> My mom was one of the very first Head Start teachers on the reservation, and she always worked with three year olds. I would visit her in the classroom, and without warning, she&#39;d walk out, leaving me with 15 preschoolers.</p> <p> Out of desperation, I would tell them a legend and teach them the song and dance that went with it. It wasn&#39;t until much later I realized my mom was forcing me to use the Stories I had been taught.</p> <p> Most recently I&#39;ve worked with the National Science Foundation&#39;s Flagship Project, Synergy. I was asked to teach STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)professors at over a dozen colleges how to use Storytelling to more effectively communicate complex concepts about technology to a general audience.</p> <p> I currently live in Arizona, where our local college (South Mountain Community College) has one of the only Storytelling Institutes in the United States, where one can be certified as a storyteller.</p> <p> .</p>