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Ruthanne Reid

Would you believe this third-person intro is being written by the very same individual about whom it is written? <br><br>I know. Completely blows her mind, too. <br><br>Ruthanne Reid is one of those pesky fanfiction authors who made good, and thus eschews most labels. Except for being a Generation X-er (or maybe Xennial, according to some guy’s webpage), a musician who loves music but also carries a ton of baggage about it, a self-taught graphic artist who designs her own covers, a spoonie who wrestles Fibromyalgia not unlike yon Hercules and the Nemean lion, a Christian who hesitates to use the word because too many of them are crazy but Jesus is pretty great, a rabid shipper who’s too smart to lay out precisely which ships <em>because of the wars</em>, and an avid reader when she isn’t busy caretaking for some pretty ill folks. <br><br>You know. Unlabelable. <br><br> Currently a resident of Long Island City and a loving mom to one current cat and numerous future ones, Ruthanne is happily married to a fellow geek who loves good stories and great games as much as she does. Between the two of them, they own a lot of things that need to be plugged in. <br>