About the author

Amanda Brenner

<p> Amanda Brenner is a native Midwesterner who has traveled extensively throughout the United States and now lives quietly with her husband and an assortment of wildlife visitors to their urban home.&nbsp; Her interest in writing began at an early age when westerns were popular attractions at the local theater.&nbsp; It seemed only natural that her first novel, Trail of Vengeance, should be in that genre.&nbsp; After finishing a second western, Shadow of the Rope, she began to explore a new direction and completed three contemporary mysteries involving private investigator Sid Langdon, a self-doubting magnet for offbeat clients and hapless scenarios, the latest being The Mystery of the Nourdon Blue.&nbsp; Amanda enjoys learning from the books she reads, a characteristic reflected in the research she includes in her own works.</p> <p> Thank you for your time.</p> <p> &nbsp;</p>