About the author

Lotus Rose

<p> Lotus, or Lotey, as he keeps trying to get people to call him, lives in Austin, an oasis in the heart of Texas.&nbsp; He attended the University of Texas at Austin, where he learned that frat boys are lame.&nbsp; He once watched a fraternity house burn down when they accidentally set their fake snow on fire after a party.&nbsp; After college, rather than get a real job, he decided to become a writer.&nbsp; He invented the corruptagram, a symbol he&#39;s trying to get banned in public schools.&nbsp; He enjoys Newcastle Brown Ale and black metal with blastbeats. Lotus Rose is not a frat boy.</p> <p> <br /> Here&#39;s a short poem he wrote:</p> <p> O, shall I be like the lotus,<br /> And bring you dark dreams and soft sighs?<br /> Or shall I be like the rose is,<br /> Sweet-scented and tempting your eyes?</p> <p> For the unending sleep can seduce you,<br /> To the world behind unseeing eyes.<br /> And the beauty that beckons, then cuts you,<br /> Is also the cruelest of lies.</p>