About the author

Paul Teague

<p>Hi, I'm Paul Teague, the author of The Secret Bunker Trilogy, The Grid Trilogy and the standalone novel, Phase 6.<br><br>I'm a former broadcaster and journalist with the BBC, but I have also worked as a primary school teacher, a disc jockey, a shopkeeper, a waiter and a sales rep.<br><br>If you love stories like The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, Divergent, Running Man and The Giver then you’ll enjoy my sci-fi and dystopian stories.<br><br>The Secret Bunker Trilogy was inspired by a family visit to a remarkable, real-life secret bunker at Troywood, Fife, known as ‘Scotland’s Secret Bunker’.<br><br>It paints a picture of a planet in crisis and is a fast-paced story with lots of twists and turns, all told through the voice of Dan Tracy who stumbles into an amazing and hazardous adventure.<br><br>The Grid Trilogy takes place in a future world where everything has gone to ruin.<br><br>Joe Parsons must fight for survival in the gamified Grid, from which no person has ever escaped with their life.<br><br>The standalone novel Phase 6 bridges the worlds of The Secret Bunker and The Grid, revealing what happens between Regeneration and Fall of Justice.<br><br>It depicts the world as we know it falling under a dark and sinister force - things will never be the same again.<br><br>I love dystopian fiction so writing these books has been a great opportunity to finally come up with my own vision of a future world where things are going haywire.<br><br>The Secret Bunker website can be found at: https://thesecretbunker.net/<br><br>The Grid website can be found at: https://thegridtrilogy.com/<br><br>I also write fast-moving and action packed psychological thrillers under the author name Paul J. Teague.<br><br>You can find out more about those books at: https://paulteague.net/</p>