About the author

Dr. Angelo O. Subida

<p>Dr. Angelo O. Subida is a psychotherapist, author, and speaker.&nbsp;He has appeared frequently on national TV media, including CNN, ABS-CBN, TV5, GMA7, and UNTV.</p> <p>Dr. Subida holds advanced degrees in psychology, spirituality, and missiology. He once taught in graduate school/college levels for years, and worked for a time as a local newspaper journalist.</p> <p>He is the author of other books, aside from &ldquo;Secrets of Your Self,&rdquo; including &ldquo;Emotional First Aid,&rdquo; &ldquo;Life&rsquo;s #1 Question,&rdquo; &ldquo;Chess and Life,&rdquo; and &ldquo;God&rsquo;s Inner Healing.&rdquo; He also writes blogs, articles, courses, and other resources on self help and development.</p> <p>As a revolutionary healing guy, he sees individuals, couples, families or groups to help turn damaged selves into beautiful art.</p> <p>He is based in the Philippines, where his family, sweetheart, and unstoppable growing kids also live.</p> <p>He plays chess reliving his champion days to look serious. And, walks a lot&nbsp;or jokes to get dangerous.</p> <p>He likes singing or eating dark chocolates to feel more loved and taking apple cider to stay longer as a &ldquo;wounded healer.&rdquo;</p> <p>He loves writing, and intends to continue writing about love, hope, and faith through his books until he comes home forever.</p>