About the author

Lori Soard

<p>Lori Soard has a PhD in Journalism and Creative Writing, but she&#39;s hardly the stuffy professor type. She loves nothing better than a good romantic comedy and thinks the good guy should always win and the ending should always be happy.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> From an early age, Lori started honing her story telling skills. As a kid she was rarely seen without a book in her hand, even walking and reading at the same time. Her first stories were about the world around her. At twenty she wrote her first novel, which she admits was horrible. At twenty-one, she sold her first article to a local newspaper. Once she got that taste of having others read her work and realizing that she could reach others and touch their hearts, there was no turning back for this natural born writer.<br /> <br /> &quot;If I can make someone&#39;s day just a tiny bit better,&quot; Lori says, &quot;if I can make them smile even though they are sad, make them think things could be better, make them understand how much God loves them, then I have accomplished something. I write my stories, articles and books with that one person in mind who really needs the message. If I can change one person&#39;s perspective, then I&#39;ve succeeded.&quot;<br /> <br /> Lori is a life-long Hoosier and lives in southern Indiana with her two daughters, husband and beloved pets. &quot;During the extreme low points in life, it has been my animals that have seen me through. There is nothing like the deep devotion of a dog or the unconditional love of a cat.&quot; Lori adores animals and while some of her dear friends have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge she will always stand by her belief that animals make the world a better place.<br /> <br /> Lori&#39;s author website is at lorisoard.com. She loves to hear from her readers and blogs regularly.</p>