About the author

Deborah J. Lightfoot

Castles in the cornfield provided the setting for <strong>Deborah J. Lightfoot</strong>'s earliest flights of fancy. On her father's farm in Texas, she grew up reading tales of adventure and reenacting them behind ramparts of sun-drenched grain. She left the farm to earn a degree in journalism and write award-winning books of history and biography. High on her bucket list was the desire to try her hand at the genre she most admired. The result is <em><strong>Waterspell</strong></em>, a complex, intricately detailed fantasy epic that begins with <em><strong>The Warlock</strong> </em>and <strong><em>The Wysard</em></strong>, continues in <strong><em>The Wisewoman</em></strong>, and concludes (the author claims) with <em><strong>The Witch</strong></em> (new in 2022). Deborah is a professional member of The Authors Guild. She still lives in rural Texas.<br>