About the author

Jai Ellis

<p>Growing up in the typical inner-city neighborhood full of drug dealers and drop outs, Jai aspired to be more than her environment. She always loved being read to from an early age, which eventually led to her love of reading. During her middle school years, Jai discovered her talent for writing through her love of reading. Pulling her inspiration from the likes of Sister Souljah, Shannon Holmes, K&#39;wan and others, Jai began to realize that she had a knack for storytelling herself. Thus sending her into an imaginative and sensational world of characters where her sometimes controlling nature wasn&#39;t a problem because the characters&#39; lives were hers to piece together however she saw fit.</p> <p>Jai made her publishing debut in 2012, releasing 2 debut titles,&nbsp;&nbsp;&quot;Money Over&nbsp;Errythang&quot; and &quot;Abused Authority&quot;,on the same day.<br /> Now, relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada, Jai is hard at work penning many novels. She has already produced works such as &quot;Money OverErrythang 2&quot;, &quot;Heaven Can&#39;t Wait&quot;, and the &quot;Embezzled Trust&quot; series. But, Ms. Ellis isn&#39;t quite done just yet, and has countless&nbsp;other scorching, gripping, unforgettable, and addictive tales to weave that will leave you wanting another dose.&nbsp;<br /> While&nbsp;she enjoys writing urban fiction and erotica, Jai&nbsp;is also looking forward to trying her hand at other genres in the near future.&nbsp;</p>