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Nellie C. Lind

<p>OTHER BOOKS BY NELLIE C. LIND</p><p></p><p>THE ELDERS OF THE SEASONS SERIES:</p><p>Winter&#39;s Bride - Book 1 (2015)</p><p>Autumn&#39;s Lady - Book 2 (Coming soon)</p><p></p><p>THE BLOOD OF ANGELS SERIES:</p><p>Angel in Chains - Book 1 (2014)</p><p>Angel in Madness - Book 2 (Coming soon)</p><p></p><p>BOUND BY HER SERIES:</p><p>Her Cyborg - Book 1 (Coming soon)</p><p></p><p>ENCHANTED EVER AFTER SERIES:</p><p>The Sacrifice - Book 1 (2014)</p><p>The Monster Under the Bed - Book 2 (2014)</p><p>Within a Heartbeat - Book 3 (2015)</p><p></p><p>STAND-ALONE</p><p>Deny Me If You Can (2014)</p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p>