About the author

Rob Guy

<p>Hello and welcome to my author page.<br /> <br /> I have been interested in science fiction and space travel since a young boy. Growing up with the Apollo moon missions helped I suppose. In school, when asked to write fiction during English class, it was always science fiction for me. I never considered writing anything else. Fiction can take you anywhere, the limit is your imagination, but science fiction can take you so much further. To the stars and back!<br /> <br /> I first took up the pen to write seriously in my early 20&#39;s, and wrote scores of short stories, one of which was publish in a local newsletter. I am originally from the UK, having emigrated to Australia&#39;s Gold Coast in 2007 with my wife and two children.<br /> <br /> I write whenever I can, and do not believe in writer&#39;s block. I love to write, even if it&#39;s a shopping list,&nbsp;but just as important to me is the feedback I receive from my readers. I am always available to answer any questions, so feel free to ask anything, or even post a review, good or bad!<br /> <br /> My best wishes<br /> <br /> Rob Guy.</p>