About the author

Michael DiBaggio

<p>A mild-mannered software engineer during the day, at night Mike dons the mantle of award-winning author of heroic adventure fiction.&nbsp;</p><p><span style="line-height:1.6">Inspired to create his own stories at a young age by the glorious cartoons and comic books of the 1980s, he graduated to the world of role playing games and SF and fantasy novels as a teenager. Together with his wife, Shell, he created the Ascension Epoch, an open-content, shared universe for adventure fiction based on the public domain. Besides his work on Ascension Epoch, he has contributed material for Eden Studios&#39; &quot;Conspiracy X&quot; and dabbled in the indy RPG scene with several original settings like &quot;Undertow&quot; and &quot;Eternal Empire.&quot;</span></p><p></p>