About the author

Jenna Brooks

<p><strong>"I want to change the discussion about abuse, and the often misinformed opinions people have about battered women. I want to challenge conventional wisdom. More than anything else, I want to showcase women’s strength and the power of their friendships." - <em>Jenna Brooks</em></strong><em><br><br></em>Award-winning author Jenna Brooks writes novels about the issues that people generally find uncomfortable to discuss: domestic violence, misogyny, sexual abuse, and pornography. Her characters are strong women who appear to be fearless, yet they actually personify the stories of ordinary women in extraordinary situations - many of which reflect Jenna’s real-life experiences as a divorce coach with a specialty in domestic violence. She is known for her raw, pull-no-punches style of writing and her aversion to presenting women as helpless victims.<br><br>Now retired from coaching, Jenna is enjoying a far more peaceful life as an author, freelance editor, and ghostwriter. In her spare time, she teaches a writing seminar and mentors emerging authors. Find her online at <strong>jennabrooks.weebly.com</strong>.<br></p><p><br></p>