About the author

Sophie Haydon

<p>Hello!<br/>&#13; <br/>&#13; My name is Sophie Haydon and I write romances with stories which make you turn the pages, and characters who feel real.<br/>&#13; <br/>&#13; I'm an avid people watcher, hopeless romantic and dreamer who spends far too much time gazing out the window, imagining scenes where people struggle with life and emotions but always end up happily. Because, yes, I'm also an eternal optimist!<br/>&#13; <br/>&#13; I currently have two connected series &#8212; Mackenzies and Lantern Bay &#8212; which feature the Mackenzie and Connelly families. At the moment, I'm writing the fifth Lantern Bay book, but am already planning future series.<br/>&#13; <br/>&#13; All the books I've written so far are set in New Zealand, where I live. But I was born on the north Norfolk coast of England and am planning a series set in the small seaside town in which I grew up. And then there's my Nantucket trilogy which I began planning years ago, but have yet to find time to write.<br/>&#13; <br/>&#13; So, wherever you are in the world, welcome to my little corner, where I sit with my two cocker spaniels snoring gently beside me, creating worlds where people struggle with life and emotions but are always rewarded with love and happiness in the end. Because that's non negotiable!<br/>&#13; <br/>&#13; I hope you enjoy my books.<br/>&#13; <br/>&#13; Sophie<br/>&#13; x</p>