About the author

J P Hidcote

<p>J P Hidcote is a British author who has had an electric career which has ranged from the construction industry to the British Government Civil Service to Delivery of technology projects in the international banking sector.</p><p>He was born in South Wales of Irish parentage and was educated in Scotland and England.</p><p>Hidcote cites his experience of interviewing Benefit Fraud suspects as invaluable when drafting the Police interview segments of his first novel The Bowling Five. The Bowling Five is the first of a series of novels based around the career of Edwin Coulter in the British Intelligence Services from the 1980&#39;s to the end of the 20th century.</p><p>The Gortin Paradox develops the core narrative of The Bowling Five and utilises the author&rsquo;s experience of Ulster during the dark days of the early 1980s.</p>