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Stephen Gose

<p>Stephen Gose, Ph.D. Information Systems (honorary) and second-generation German, is a retired Professor Emeritus with a 40-year career as a certified network engineer, and a "Certified Cisco Academy Instructor" (CCAI) since 2002. He is listed in the Who's Who for Information Technology for his directly-related work for the Internet backbones found in the Caribbean, Netherlands, Israel, and Russia. He was awarded "Letters of Appreciation" from AT&amp;T, and the German, Israeli, Dutch, and Russian Governments. Steve has nearly three decades of international "teaching and conference lecturing" in both Local-Area and Wide-Area Networks, network security, Internet backbones, software engineering, and program/project management. &#160;He is a retired US Army Signal Corps Officer. He earned, in 2014, the ITT Technical Institute's "Instructor of the Year" out of 144 campuses and 8,000 instructors.&#160;</p>&#13; &#13; <p>In his spare (?) time, Steve enjoys creating online casual games and managing his online gaming business.&#160;</p>&#13; &#13; <p/>&#13; &#13; <p>Stephen Gose graduated from Grand Canyon University with a B.A. in Religions and Music Education. He has served as a licensed minister since 1972 and as a missionary to Japan. He earned the US Army Chaplains Outstanding service award in 1983. His secular career entails 40 years as a network engineer, and cyber-security. As a full-time Professor with an honorary Ph.D. in Information Systems Management, He has taught, at the college level, software engineering and network security for the past 14 years.</p>&#13; &#13; <p>His website is:&#160;http://www.stephen-gose.com/<br/>&#13; His game showcase is:&#160;&#160; &#160;http://www.renown-games.com/<br/>&#13; His theology website: &#160; http://kingdomofgodprinciples.com/</p>