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Amanda Linehan

<p>Amanda Linehan is a fiction writer, indie author and INFP. She has published five novels, one non-fiction book, three&nbsp;short stories and two short story collections since 2012. Her stories have been read by readers in 113 countries. Her short fiction has been published in <em>Every Day Fiction</em> and in the <em><strong>Beach Life</strong></em> anthology published by Cat &amp; Mouse Press. She lives in Maryland, likes to be outside and writes with her cat sleeping on the floor beside her desk.&nbsp;<br><br>Get <em><strong>The Sommer House</strong></em>, a free, exclusive YA horror short story when you sign up for Amanda's fiction newsletter. Sign up here: <strong>amandalinehan.com/newsletter</strong>&nbsp;(or click the "Follow This Author" button above). Unsubscribe anytime.</p>