About the author

Darcy Pattison

<p>Published in nine languages, Darcy Pattison&rsquo;s middle grade novels include: <em>Saucy and Bubba: A Hansel and Gretel Tale; The Girl, the Gypsy and the Gargoyle; </em>and <em>The Wayfinder</em>. Recent nature books for children include: <em>Abayomi, the Brazilian Puma: The True Story of an Orphaned Cub, </em>a 2015 NSTA Outstanding Science Trade Book; <em>Wisdom, the Midway Albatross,</em> a Starred Review in Publisher&rsquo;s Weekly; <em>Desert Baths (Arbordale)</em>, a 2013 NSTA Outstanding Science Trade Book; and, <em>Prairie Storms</em> (Arbordale). Her series, <em>The ALIEN, INC. CHAPTER BOOK SERIES </em>includes <em>Kell, the Alien; Kell and the Horse Apple Parade; Kell and the Giants</em>; and <em>Kell and the Detectives</em>. For more, see darcypattison.com/about</p>