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robert stambolija

<p>Robert Stambolija is&nbsp;based in London, he spends his time / energy between consulting. top executives in healthy living, researching&nbsp;top end procedures for rejuvenation and life extensions also&nbsp;He has just recently launched a new generation health company (perfect life success)&nbsp;in London. He is also a life coach with over 20 years of experience in field of balanced living, raw food, life energy, life extension and spirituality. He wrote book (10 steps to perfect health). Gave over 30 plus public seminars and talks on strength and fitness, natural living, diet, herbs, meditation, qigong, and co-produced shows on Croatian TV about health, wealth, and relationships (Perfect life success and Blendology). Consult with him one on one or attend seminars so he can give you an advice for healthy and balanced life.&nbsp;</p>