About the author

Karen Ann Dell

<p>I was born and raised in a suburb of Philadelphia, where I survived twelve years of parochial school.&nbsp;After a stint at Penn State, I attended nursing school in Philadelphia, got my diploma and worked in one of the earliest Shock/Trauma units. Then I was off to Baltimore and a few years as an OR nurse before I decided anesthesia was where I belonged. I trained at Johns Hopkins, and have happily practiced my profession - Nurse Anesthesia - for the past forty years. So you see, I&#39;m no spring chicken.<br /> About twenty-five years ago I moved to Orlando and I eventually found my way to Melbourne, a lovely town on Florida&#39;s Space Coast. I have been rescued by foue cats who have agreed to keep me company in exchange for food and cuddles.<br /> Now that I have retired from the practice of anesthesia, the stories and characters I have been keeping under my scrub cap lo these many years are clamoring to be free. I&#39;ve decided to humor them in the hopes they will entertain you, dear reader.<br /> I also create the occassional cover for self-published e-books, am an active member here at STAR, and have served as treasurer on the board.<br /> In whatever spare time I have left, I make jewelry. One can never have too much bling, in my humble opinion.<br /> Contact me at karen@karenanndell.com &nbsp;or tweet @K_A_Dell</p>