About the author

Richard Crasta

<p> Richard Crasta is the author of twelve books and the father of three sons. He was born and grew up in India and moved to America to become a writer. His first novel, &quot;The Revised Kama Sutra,&quot; was received with critical acclaim, described as &quot;very funny&quot; by Kurt Vonnegut, and published in 10 countries and in 7 languages.</p> <p> Richard&#39;s books include fiction, nonfiction, essays, autobiography, humor, and satire, and have been described as &quot;exuberant,&quot; &quot;courageous,&quot; &quot;hilarious,&quot; and &quot;going where no Indian writer has gone before.&quot;</p> <p> His 12 books include &quot;Impressing the Whites,&quot; &quot;The Killing of an Author,&quot; and the subversive anthology of humor, &quot;I Will Not Go the F**k to Sleep&quot; (a non-parental version with more political humor has been published under the title &quot;The Empire Bites Back&quot;); he also edited and added essays to his father&#39;s memoir, &quot;Eaten by the Japanese: The Memoir of an Unknown Indian Prisoner of War.&quot; His motives for writing include a passion for justice and free expression and a love of laughter.&nbsp;</p> <p> Richard has traveled widely in North America, Asia, and Europe, and though technically a New York resident, spends most of his time in Asia working on seven books in progress. His likes include a wide range of music, movies, theater, and travel.</p> <p> You may write to Richard at rc@richardcrasta.com or visit his website, http://www.richardcrasta.com</p>