About the author

Sean Costello

<p>Sean Costello is the author of eight novels and six screenplays, two of which are currently under option to film. Depending on the whims of his muse, Costello&#39;s novels alternate between two distinct genres: Horror and Thriller. His horror novels have drawn comparisons to the works of Stephen King, and his thrillers to those of Elmore Leonard. In the real world he&#39;s an anesthesiologist, but, if asked, he&#39;d tell you he&#39;d much rather be writing. Recently, all of his titles have been made available as ebooks, wherever ebooks are sold. Sean is currently hard at work on several new writing projects.</p><p>Get a FREE COPY of one of Costello&#39;s paranormal thrillers by subscribing to his Newsletter, an occasional update that keeps you informed about upcoming projects and special deals on existing titles. Sign up here:&nbsp;http://eepurl.com/bc06Jv</p>