About the author

Lisa Arrington

<p>I currently reside in Arizona with my two sons. I love to read for pleasure and love to do reviews for other Indies authors trying to make it. I am my children&rsquo;s biggest and loudest fan during their basketball games and try to make as many as I can while fighting a disease that fights my body.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Blue is my favorite color, I can recite the movie Clue word for word, Junior Mints make me happy and I will keep wishing for Blue Bunny to make Cherry Cheesecake a permanent flavor instead of a seasonal treat. I&rsquo;m scatterbrained, too forgiving, a bit neurotic and always busy.<br /> And will forever be in a power-struggle over the big screen TV with my youngest until he can get a TV of his own.<br /> <br /> I also am the author of the Adult Paranormal Series Riders of Sins Eternal.</p>