About the author

Patricia Steele

Patricia says, I'm a west coast girl that moved to the east coast and back again.&nbsp; Twice.&nbsp; &nbsp;My imagination has always been etched in music, color and rose-colored glasses.&nbsp; I've had crazy characters and stories banging and fluttering around in my head, dying to get out, since I was old enough to hold a pen.&nbsp; I'm a fan of historical fiction filled with adventure and romance.&nbsp; And I’m addicted to genealogy and travel. My sense of humor runs a little rampant at times, I'm no stranger to laughter, and I love a good anticipation scene.&nbsp; I am proud to state that&nbsp;<em>The Girl Immigrant</em>, the first novel in my Spanish Pearls Series, is now translated into Spanish and Italian.&nbsp; And it led me to being part of a Spanish documentary due for release in 2018.&nbsp; &nbsp;My next project is a memoir titled, Fairydust to Daffodils about my daughter and her fight with Cystic Fibrosis.