About the author

Lilura Sloane

<p>Lilura Sloane is a romance writer.</p><p>She has always had a fond love of books, in school she was in the highest reading grade as books were always her passion even from a young age.</p><p>She currently resides in England,UK with her partner and five children who support her writing and anchor her into always pushing herself to follow her dreams.</p><p>When she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia she needed an outlet and writing gave her that outlet, even though at times writing can be challenging for her as her illness got progressively worse, she never let that stop her from getting her written words down on paper.</p><p>Lilura&#8217;s favourite genres to write in are romance with a thriller, suspense element.</p><p>She wants her readers to fall in love with being in love.</p><p>Lilura wrote her first book in November 2021 under her spell which takes you on a journey of self-discovery, love and friendship.</p><p>She wants to not only write for those who loves the books she writes but get to know her readers.</p>