About the author

Ann McCauley

<p>Writing is my second, or maybe third career, and I love it. I married young, had three children, then divorce left me a single mom. College loans and part-time jobs made it possible for me to earn degrees in Nursing, Psychology, and finally a master&rsquo;s in Creative Writing. I retired after many years as an RN, though I still keep my license active in NY and Pennsylvania, a girl never knows when she may need to go back to work!</p> <p>I review books for WPSU, our local NPR radio station, BookBub, and Story Circle.org. My work has been published in magazines, writing journals and newspapers. I&#39;m currently editing my husband&rsquo;s memoir, in addition to working on my next novel. I am an avid reader and enjoy spending time with my husband, our dog, friends, and family which now includes five adult children, ten grandchildren and several mates, plus seven great grandchildren. I write a monthly blog, you can read @ www.annmccauley.com</p>