About the author


<strong>Jan Swerts,</strong> born (yes, that’s right) in Tongeren (Belgium) on the 21st of August 1959. He is also the author of “The Soulmatter(s)” published in 2017, co-author of “ACE<strong></strong> – The Awakening” of Dr. Segu Krishna Ramesh, published in 2018, author of the Dutch version “50 Tinten Bier”, published in 2019, and the English version “50 Shades of beer in 2020”. <br> He studied Hotel-school (1977) in Brussels and changed his objectives to dentistry (dental technician) in 1978. He was self-employed in Germany and Belgium for more than 30 years. After living in Nepal for 2 years, he came back to Belgium exploring the Belgian beers in Brussels, mainly barhopping with tourists. (the fun job) <br> He started working as a beer guide in Brewery the Anker in Mechelen in 2015, as he does until today. In between, he was the hospitality manager in a 5* hotel in the Caribbean, Mexico (2016-2018) <br> As a <em>master in the creative fluids</em>, he became a beer and wine lover, a world traveler, and a beer guide. He loves cultures and languages. He has a passion for hospitality, food, and drinks. <br> Nowadays, he gives presentations in different countries in different languages, consults in beer projects, and presents tastings with beer and cheeses, whiskey, and chocolate, wherever he is wanted and needed.<em></em><br>