About the author

S. Alston

&nbsp;S. Alston is a wife and mother of 3 young adults. She has always enjoyed writing poems and is now creating empowering books for children that enable them to self-soothe and reduce anxiety.<br><br>"Thank you so much for your interest in my books! I’m a mom of three amazing young adults, and as I reflect upon their childhood, there are so many things I see now that I wish I had known back then! If I could go back in time, I would not have put so much pressure on them to chart results and compare themselves with others. And while my children have turned into amazing, fun-loving, kind, and considerate human beings (despite my parenting skills lol), I could have probably lessened their stress and anxiety growing up. Instead, I could have said things that empowered them to relax a little more and tap into their inner wisdom. &nbsp;<br><br>With childhood anxiety and obesity at all-time highs, I know that if I can help parents and make it easier for them to support kids in starting healthier habits early on, I am making a positive difference. Helping children feel they are valued, smart, loved, and important is all-powerful in building up self-esteem, and it's something I feel deeply about. When children feel good about themselves and their position in the family as contributing members, it’s easier for them to handle stress and problems that will inevitably come their way.<br><br>The Mighty Me Series™ along with the other books I have coming soon, will empower young children and help them understand that their small choices every day will lead to good things or bad things, depending on what they choose. And that at any moment, they can make a new decision to feel good, to be nice, to make a healthy choice, to be thankful, etc. Since repetition creates habits, I hope that as you read these books regularly to your child and discuss how they are being mighty in their own lives so that one day your children will grow up to be mighty pre-teens, mighty teens, and mighty adults who are self-assured, happy, thoughtful, kind, helpful and grateful for this blessed life. Because that really is who they truly are." -S. Alston<br><br>&nbsp;<br>