About the author

Siobhan Kearney

<p><!--StartFragment--></p><p>Siobhan has always believed in fairy tales, spirits, and kissing underneath the mistletoe. She wrote her first story when she was eight -- a harrowing tale about a brave Amtrak who saved a slow moving freight train in the mountains of Colorado and had a romance with an equally heroic commuter train. She was eight; it wasn&#39;t that complex.</p><p>When she isn&#39;t beating her head against the keyboard creating paranormal love stories, she works as a research assistant for a world-class structural engineer. One day she hopes to join her boss in being Wiki-worthy, but for now she&#39;ll settle for relative obscurity. She enjoys spending time with her family, exploring nature, reading, gardening, and talking about herself in the third person.</p><p>You can find out more about her at:&nbsp; https://www.roselarkpublishing.com/siobhan-kearney</p>