About the author

Tobias Roote

<p>Tobias Roote began writing while recuperating from an illness. He moved to the island of Corfu, where he had time on his hands and a wild imagination that needed an outlet. His enthusiastic writing evolved quickly into an 80,000 word book that although never got published, provided a springboard into several other novels. &#39;Mercury&#39;s Secret&#39;, then his best-selling &#39;The Pattern Ship&#39; followed by &#39;POD&#39;, a sequel.</p> <p>Three years later and over 20,000 books sold, Tobias now travels around Europe looking for inspiration for yet another Sci-Fi story. At 62 years young, with over 50 years of reading science fiction behind him, Tobias knows that his readers like fast-paced action filled plots with plenty of space drama and alien battle scenes.&nbsp;</p> <p>Roote, who views himself as a post-humanist, delivers all of this in spectacular fashion. Never one to follow rules, his own sense of wonder at what the future holds, drives his imagination to consider &#39;what if&#39; scenarios involving humans and artificial intelligence.</p>