About the author

Rosa Marchisella

<strong>Rosa Marchisella</strong> is the author of the gripping <strong><em>Touch of Insanity</em></strong> series and bone-chilling novella, <strong><em>The Greatest of Books</em></strong>. A dynamic and prolific story-teller, Rosa has written and co-authored over 50 publications, including stories, screenplays, poetry, and scripts. Her stories are mainly fantasy, paranormal, and thrillers, however she also writes romance and non-fiction under various aliases.<br><br>Rosa has earned critical praise as a writer, stage actress, vocalist, public speaker and artist. She’s studied Acting for Stage &amp; Film, Emergency Management Foundations, and Personal Finances through McGill University. She has worked with non-profit organizations to provide educational and health programs for local children through fundraising and improve local workforce conditions. <br>