About the author

Tirza Schaefer

<p>Tirza Schaefer is a multi-passionate, creative hothouse. She writes in various genres and besides being an author, she is also an intuitive reader, Usui Reiki Master, Founder of Goddess Reiki and coaches others in spiritual self-development and becoming a published author.</p>&#13; &#13; <p>She has three amazing children, a boy and two girls, and a rescue cat from Dubai,&#160;and is as much as mother by passion as she is a writer and reader. In fact, her experiences as a mother have inspired some of her work, especially her children's book and family travelogue, as well as some of her spiritual poetry.</p>&#13; &#13; <p>In her capacity as an author of adult romance, she draws on her highly romantic nature and her vivid kinky imagination alike.</p>&#13; &#13; <p>As a spiritual healer, she infuses all her work with high-vibrational energy to give the reader or client the best and most beneficial experience reading or healing experience.</p>&#13; &#13; <p>In 2019, Tirza suffered a burnout and this has blessed her with a journey that was both challenging and a great learning and healing experience on so many levels. She has turned this into a new addition to her superpowers and now teaches others to avoid burnout, work smarter, not harder and to implement selfcare practices in their daily lives.</p>&#13; &#13; <p>Tirza has more ideas than a single person could possibly fit into their schedule, so it's been decades since she felt bored. Rather, she is trying to find ways to implement new systems to help her to get her work done faster and more efficiently and effectively, in order for her to be able to create new projects and write more books, articles and blogs alike.</p>&#13; &#13; <p>Thus, you can never find &#8220;the final sentence&#8221; for her vita. Her life is an ongoing work of art, of character building, of an expanding personality, of sometimes taking a wrong turn or walking in a circle, yet ultimately always moving forward, always striving for new, for more, for added quality of life, of herself. Tirza is a woman who is as steadfast and loyal as she is adventurous and surprising. It is exciting and worthwhile to observe her further to see what she will come up with next. You never know&#8230;</p>