About the author

Karla Doyle

<p> I&rsquo;m a small town girl with some big city experience, and happiest living somewhere in between.&nbsp;</p> <p> As a child, I tried endlessly to convince my parents that I needed a pet ostrich to ride to the beach. By age ten, I&rsquo;d drawn up plans and a budget to build a bathroom in my bedroom closet. (It was a tiny closet!) While these campaigns, and numerous others, never came to fruition, my parents always encouraged my creativity and imagination. I studied fashion design in college and worked in that industry much of my life. I switched gears to follow the writing muse, and my first novel released in 2011.</p> <p> These days, I live a charmed existence. I have two amazing kids, an incredible (and smokin&rsquo; hot) husband and the best friends in the world. When I&rsquo;m not writing the sexy stories that swirl around in my head, you can find me lifting weights at the gym or cuddled up with a book, surrounded by a pack of pets.</p>