About the author

Kristi Hancock

<p>A native of the Deep South, my best friend swears I&#39;m the secret love child of Martha Stewart and punk icon Henry Rollins. I married an &Uuml;ber-Alpha Bad Boy Biker Computer Geek (yes--they do exist!) who is the best husband ever. I got hooked on romance at age 14. My grandmother got in trouble for buying me <em>Belgian Romance</em> by Lucinda Anne Day on our trip to Woolworth. (Yes, I&#39;m dating myself.) I stumbled across Anne (Rice) Rampling&#39;s Belinda a few years later--that was an eye opener. When I discovered Nora Roberts&#39; <em>The MacGregor Brides</em> in the Kansas City airport, I was sucked into a romance vortex and became a total junkie. I&#39;ve lived in some major metropolitan areas, including NYC. That was a bucket list item. I&#39;ve also lived in a small town in a dry county. I can tell you that freaky stuff goes on there, too.</p>