About the author

Deborah Lee

<p>Deborah Seitz lives with her husband and two cats in the Dallas area.&nbsp; She enjoyed writing editorials. &nbsp;Editor for the Tallahassee Dog Obedience Club Newsletter and later Editor for The Texas Emu Association Newsletter in 1997 – 1998.&nbsp; Two poems, Dried Roses and The Couple in the Plaza were submitted for publication, Poet Society, 2004 and 2005 respectively. &nbsp;Deborah is a member of AbsoluteWriters.com, a writer’s discussion board and Writer’s Digest.</p><p>Deborah has written I Loved You, I Honestly Loved You, a journaled biography on surviving spouse suicide as an ebook on EbookMall.com, 2004.&nbsp; I Knew Jacob was the One, a short story published in Grab That Tiger, a collection of short stories, published by Keen Publications, July 2007.&nbsp;</p><p>She also has another&nbsp;mystery novel, Mea Culpa, yet to be published.</p>