About the author

Melissa Stevens

<p>Melissa started writing when she was very young, but found it difficult to finish projects until she'd reached adulthood. She published her first novel at 33 and has never looked back. Melissa was part of the 2015&nbsp;anthology, <em>Wicked After Dark</em>, which featured <em>Change</em> by Melissa, and hit #13 on the <strong>New York Times</strong> Bestseller list. <br><br>​​​​​​​To date, Melissa has more than 45 titles ranging from paranormal to contemporary romance, they&nbsp;avalible everywhere ebooks are sold.&nbsp;<br>​​​​​​​<br></p><p>Melissa was born and raised in Arizona. She’s spent her entire life all over&nbsp;the southern half of the state. She’s found that, along with her husband and four children, she prefers the small towns and rural life to feeling packed into a city. Melissa has found there’s little she won’t read, and her tastes vary from westerns, to romance, to sci-fi / fantasy and horror.&nbsp;<br><br></p>