About the author

Randy C Dockens

<p>I grew up in the South, but have lived north of the Mason-Dixon line for many years now. It seems funny now, but growing up I was told I talked like a Yankee, but after moving north, I am told I talk like a Southerner. Go figure! Science has always been an interest of mine, as well as the Bible, and both have shaped my perspective on just about everything. Yet, I think I have always had a creative side, too. It&#39;s just taken longer for it to surface through all the science, I guess.<br /> <br /> I have a doctorate in both pharmacokinetics (mathematical description of drug concentrations in the body) and in Biblical prophecy. I want people to understand that both science and faith can exist together, and, in fact, go hand in hand. I believe our future will be a positive one and be scientifically advanced where technology itself will become a way one can offer up worship. I like for my books to be both fun to read and have a strong scientific bent to them. I, with my wife and kids, live outside Philadelphia in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.<br /> <br /> You can visit my website at www.randydockens.com</p> <p>Visit me on Facebook: www.facebook.com/randy.c.dockens</p>