About the author

Sharon Clare

<p><em>Those who don&rsquo;t believe in magic will never find it. &ndash;Roald Dahl </em></p><p>I don&rsquo;t remember the first time I said, &ldquo;Let&rsquo;s pretend ...&rdquo; but life is definitely more fun when I start my day with those words.</p><p><strong>I write romantic fiction with a little magic, a little suspense and a little humour. When you reach the end, I strive to leave you in a happy place. </strong></p><p>I&rsquo;ve always lived in my head where making up stories was a guilty pleasure. It wasn&rsquo;t until I had my three children and completed a degree in psychology and professional writing that making up stories became the job I love.</p><p>Life is full of difficult times, so it&rsquo;s important to me to write novels where happiness ultimately triumphs. I help my characters overcome their demons, so they learn to love themselves, open their hearts, and receive the love everyone deserves.</p><p></p><p><strong>I&rsquo;ve always been fascinated by the idea there&rsquo;s more to our world than we perceive.</strong> That&rsquo;s why I created Finn, a mischievous, match-making elf from a world just a wee bit off Earth, who believes every time love is experienced, energy empowers our worlds.</p><p><strong>Find Finn playing games with humans and spreading the love in the Magical Matchmaker Series.</strong></p><p>Visit Sharon at: www.sharonclare.com</p><p><strong>What readers are saying:</strong></p><p>&nbsp;&ldquo;There are two things I love most about Sharon Clare&#39;s writing and books: her strong ability to tell an imaginative and incredibly well-written tale and her love of the end-of-story twist.&rdquo; &ndash;Terri, an Amazon reader</p><p>&ldquo;Some authors possess a deft hand with adventure, others, mystery, and others, knee-buckling romance. Clare is a master of all three, weaving the elements together in an award-winning recipe guaranteed to make the mouth water.&rdquo; &ndash;Sherry Isaac, award winning author</p><p>&ldquo;Words that came to mind as I read it were sophisticated and polished. Ms. Clare&#39;s voice is lovely.&rdquo; &ndash;Amy Dunn Caldwell</p><p></p>