About the author

Anna Rose

<p>Anna Rose is the author of the Tales of the Dragonguard (about dragons, of course!) and The Sumaire Web series of vampire novels.&nbsp;</p><p>She is currently working on the sequel to the very well received&nbsp;<strong>AYA&#39;S DRAGON</strong>,<strong>&nbsp;</strong>which is now available in both e-book and softcover at Amazon, and in ebook format at iTunes, Barnes &amp; Noble, and other fine merchants.</p><p>The new story is called<strong>&nbsp;SARA&#39;S FIRE</strong>&nbsp;and continues the story of the high-flying Dragonguard.</p><p>Her newest venture with her stories and novels is turning them into audiobooks for those folks who prefer listening to books, rather than reading them, for whatever reason.</p><p>Amongst her other writing, Anna writes vampires who like what they are and aren&#39;t looking for a rescue. Her vampires bite, drink and kill. No bottled or bagged blood for these vampires!</p><p>The first novel in the series,&nbsp;<strong>SIOFRA</strong>, was released in late January of 2012. The first novel was followed by&nbsp;<strong>FIACH&nbsp;FOLA&nbsp;</strong>and then&nbsp;<strong>DROCH&nbsp;FOLA</strong>. There is also a short story called&nbsp;<strong>FEASTA FOLA</strong>.</p><p>Anna is also working on the fourth novel in the Sumaire Web series, COSAN FOLA,&nbsp;which she hopes to have completed by the end of 2018.&nbsp;</p><p>She lives in usually sunny Southern California.</p>