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Cavanaugh Bardo

<p>Cavanaugh Bardo is a pseudonym for a journalist and award-winning documentary filmmaker (&quot;Indestructible&quot;) and authors of &quot;Snow Vixens,&quot; &quot;What&#39;s Your Sexy Sense and Sensibility?&quot; and the (forthcoming) &quot;Sex and Dessert&quot; series, a compilation of cinematic, character-driven, deliciously sensual encounters. The team creates genre-bending, often darkly funny literary stories, sexy novels, irreverent non-fiction and multimedia projects.</p> <p>For updates on new releases, audiobooks, non-spammy conversations, quips, curious (sometimes arcane) observations and oddities, sign-up for our awesomely unique newsletter (mailing list) here: http://eepurl.com/dBFSXf.</p>